Mushroom Compost has many inherit benefits and is the best all around soil amendment, material added to soil to improve plant growth and health, on the market.

The nature of growing a delicate crop like mushrooms demands the use of consistent, high quality materials in the compost.

It also improves the physical structure of soil so that it is crumbly and aerated.

Mushroom Compost goes through no less than three, at least four heats with temperatures reaching well over 150F. This helps to neutralize weed seed and disease pathogens.

Compost is the source of slow release macro and micro nutrients.

It has extremely high absorption abilities. It can hold and release water and nutrients as needed.

Mushroom Compost products have a neutral to alkaline pH. This limits the need to use lime in plantings and mixes well with the native acidic soils.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, long lasting, cost effective products to fit your commercial or residential landscape design.



Mushroom Compost

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